{"ops":[{"insert":"I'm Brenda Morgado a native to Tampa, Florida. I'm a self-taught artist. I have always planned that someday in my life after raising two children and managing a household, with my husband Roland. That I would begin to devote my free time to teaching myself to paint . Being an animal lover led me to first start out with pet portraits . Soon that wasn't enough and started to challenge myself to more and more subjects to paint. I have utilizes painting as a tool for self-discovery, relaxation and healing . Living with chronic depression has been a struggle for many years and painting helps me feel alive and much happier . I started with just using acrylics then the challenge of watercolors pastels and professional grade colored pencils. My grand-kids have inspired me to do portraits which I have done in all four of my favorite mediums but I have found pastels to be my favored medium for portraits . I learn something from every painting I do . To commissions a painting just give me a call or send an email directly for tips on how to take the best photos for reference and pricing . If you are as a visitor please drop me a line and let me know how you liked my paintings ...Prints are available @\n \n \n brenda-morgado.artistwebsites.com\n"}]}